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'Once Upon a Time' Creators on Having a Role for Kelly Clarkson

I’m not sure if you saw it online, but Kelly Clarkson is super excited about Ariel.

Kitsis: We love Kelly Clarkson and she has been our biggest supporter since day one. We are so honored because at first. I heard that and I was like, “That’s not true!” and then someone sent us a tweet we got from her and I said, “Oh my God, really?”

Seems like the perfect time to ask her to do a guest spot.
Kitsis: We will take her! Any time she wants to come to Vancouver, we have got a spot for her.

I think Kelly would be perfect for the roll of Megara from Hercules! She’s got the sass, and the charm to bring this character to the silver screen!

What about you guys? What character could you see Kelly playing on OUAT?

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    I agree! I can see her playing that character really well!
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    Some people might bitch that she doesn’t have the body like Meg, I can already see it, but I say HELL YES to her playing...
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    She can act you guys and deliver sass! Just watch the pilot of “The Crazy Ones” she can do this.
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